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​Shopped Definition
The term “shopped” has many interpretations as related to pinball machines. Here is what our machines go through before they leave the shop on a standard pinball restoration:

  • Replace all rubber rings
  • Replace all defective and burnt light bulbs
  • Rebuild flipper assemblies
  • Strip playfield of all plastics, etc. and clean and polish with appropriate cleaners
  • Check all electronic components ( for example - computer and game boards, solenoids, and moving mechanisms ) and repair if needed
  • Replace batteries
  • Replace pinballs ( worn or damaged balls can cause excessive wear on playfields)
  • Clean and touch up cabinets
  • Vacuum interior
  • Clean and polish legs, paint if needed
  • Replace or repair leg mounting plates
  • Check machines programming
  • Install new instruction and pricing cards
  • Test machine extensively to check for problems

Pinball Repair Services:

A good working pinball machine has a few components that if it works correctly the game should play fantastically. The most important devise are the flippers. They should hit the pinball with power and respond quickly to the flipper buttons. Flipper rebuilding is one of our major specialties. On pinball machines the plungers, bumpers, slingshots, pop bumpers, switches, rollovers and drop/ stationary targets, including score reels on mechanical machines, are all components that can be serviced in your home.

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