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​Long Island Pinball specializes in top quality repairs, cleaning, preventative maintenance care, and total restoration of pinball machines, bot electronic and electro-mechanical. We also repair and restore arcade video games and jukeboxes. Whether the service call is in your home or in a business location, you can expect the best possible Pinball service.
If you are in need of a repair for your pinball game, video arcade game or jukebox, Allan is the man to consult with. Most service calls can be done on location. Allan travel with a vast supply of game parts such as flippers, buttons, circuit boards, joysticks, and other important components. Having these parts on hand enable the job to be done swiftly and successfully.

Maintaining your arcade game is monumental in helping to keep your machines value. It is Allan’s key word. He believes all machines whether it is a video game, jukebox or pinball machine, they must be maintained. If your machine is kept in good working order you will have many years of enjoyment with it. The playfield of pinball machines should be cleaned and polished regularly. Also, worn out rubbers, old chrome pinballs and burned out lamps must always be replaced.
One of Allan’s specialties is the restoration of pinball machines and video games. He is able to restore games so they work and look as good as if they were new. A major restoration on an arcade machine is usually done in his shop. Finding unusual specialty parts such as back glasses, ramps, plastics, decals, pop bumpers, plungers, and control panel overlays, etc. is one of the reasons he is successful in restorations. Allan has many sources that enable him to find these unique parts. He can, also, restore an old worn video arcade machine by replacing graphics, joysticks, bumpers, buttons, and control panel.

If you are interested in purchasing a pinball machine, give Long Island Pinball a call. Allan has numerous machines available in his showroom. If you are interested in a particular game he probably can obtain it for you.

Contact “Long Island Pinball “ by email or telephone, if you need their services or if you have any questions .
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